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Glad Rags & Handbags !

So today started with me being my normally bolshy self adament that I was going shopping for things for my stand at Pure. I had loads of ideas running around my head as to how the handbags would be displayed, how the stand had to be trendy and fashionable. So off I trotted and just got carried away, I found the best chairs ever, one is just sooo like my collection it is untrue. I found some great tables covered in Crocodile skin leather and black they are just so trendy. But the problem came when I tried to put everything into the car, oh dear, my husband who had stood patiently, bored looking I may add, had the biggest smirk on his face ever ! so what is a girl to do. ‘Honey could you get the train home?’ did not go down a treat – took the smile of his face straight away, hahaha, I did not mean it, really I didnt. So we crammed the boot closed with as much as possible on the inside and I can tell you this if we had a problem on the way home noone was ever going to get us out of the car without a winch! so have to say am so glad to be home.