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Tuesday nearly the weekend!

Well it is only Tuesday but it feels like the weekend should be upon us. I spent all of yesterday in the car, driving half way around the country. My sat nav is obviously feeling the strain as it kept telling me to turn around when possible half way along the M5. Not sure how that works to be honest but we all have our off days. I have now secured all the furniture for Pure and am excited that it is coming together. I designed the look books today and hope that we will have all the pictures back in time for printing. The samples for the show are looking really great and I am so happy with the designs and I hope they will be welcomed at the show. I am still a bit worried that I have not covered everything but am sure it will all come together on the day. I found some really great pieces of furniture in a store in Gloucester. My husband will think I have lost my marbles when he sees the colours I picked. Oh well happy days from someone who is questioning her logic right now.

Thought for the day - some days are such a waste of makeup.