Electric Thunder Storms

Now returning home in economy was not great, I am not used to sitting in Row 1 and drinking Champagne and back to reality is not nice. I push my way down the aisle almost sobbing as I reach my seat and find that my new neighbour is not only sitting in their own seat but also in the one next to me. Jabba the hut takes on a new life. I realise not everyone can help being overweight and believe me I am no thin skeleton, but this was ridiculous. Jabba was having trouble breathing, could not get the seat belt to fit even with an extension. As soon as we took off Jabba was snoring but as soon as the curly sandwich trolley arrived the eyelids flicked open and I swear to god the crusty edges were gone in a second and I was hanging to dear life that Jabba would not devour me. I was elated to arrive in my transfer destination and to have not missed the flight. The flight although delayed by almost two hours was most enjoyable and I sat next to baby doctor, she was really cool and we chatted all the way home about her job and mine. Actually I, as always did most of the chatting as she was frightened of flying, bless her, so I told her all about my new collection and the fact that I am so excited to now have seen the new Ostrich skin bags for SS2010 in patte green, sun flower yellow and petal pink. They look awesome, I am sure I bored the pants off her but at least she did not see the lightening spark out of the window and I still have some feeling in my left hand where she squeezed it so tight. I had visions of having to explain why I cannot design anything from this day forward due to the fact that a baby doctor had broken all my fingers.. I promised to send her mum one of our new mini handbag key rings so that she can show all her friends that she knew a famous designer – well almost. I was voted designer of the day, did I ever mention that? Ok I know I am boring and harping on but it was a big deal for me anyway. check out our website http:/izzibag.com and come and visit us at Pure.

Thought for the day:

It’s not true I had nothing on, I had the radio on.

Marilyn Monroe