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5th, 6th,7th Avenue

Well here I am in my hotel room which is fabulous, The Morgans on Madison, I am on the Pre Penthouse on the Pre Penthouse Floor.The room is bigger than my whole house in London and they are soooo looking after me. I paid less than if I stayed in a standard room at the Barclay, which is where I normally stay. So Well done to the Staff at the Morgans, I really recommend it. Well since we got here we went to the BArneys warehouse sale and my husband bought out the mens department and guess what I bought nada, yep nada! There were women tearing each others hair out to get to the Manolo’s and Versace dresses. I honestly could not stand the hassle and there was my husband deep into it. This is a man who hates shopping,Anyway then off to the Meat Packing district for dinner and drinks, one or two. Now when I was here in 2001, the meat packing area was not a great area to go, so I was to be honest a bit unsure, but it was fantastic, we went to this fancy bar on the 23rd floor of a hotel which I cannot pronounce and cost 40$ for 2 drinks, ouch! then off to a  Mexican bar for Mojitos, which were the worst I have ever had!  Jet lag has now gone and am now raring to go to the shops. You will notice that I didnt mention anything about the airline we came on, less said the better….

Looking forward to Thursday and meeting with the Fashionistas of New York, will give you an update then..