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I need puddles

What a lovely evening at Terriors in William IV Street London we had for our anniversary. My husband had read that it was a cosy place with good food and wine, perfect for our anniversary dinner. I have to say the food lived upto expectation and I would highly recommend you try it. Not expensive and great atmosphere.

I had some photographs reprinted of my late father in law and made a huge collage of them for a pressie. It is really hard sometimes to find the right thing for a man and I hope he liked them. Now me, on the other hand was sitting all day thinking he would get me a boring pressie like chocolates or flowers you know the thing, no imagination ! Well knock me down with a feather, I turned up at the restaurant picture this -  Red body con dress by Calvin Klein, Louboutin heels and our one and only izzi Pirlanta Pearl bag in aubergine & cyclamen. I felt a million dollars and my husband told me I looked gorgeous (tears in my eyes at this point) He turned up carrying a huge bag from Office, inside was a box which looked like it had boots in?? I was instantly thinking he would never have bought me a pair of boots, he moans all the time I have more shoes than Imelda Marcus. Anyway I was too busy looking at the menu and almost forgot about the bag, I did say almost, when I looked up and saw him holding a pair of Hunter wellies in Fusia Pink in his hands. I laughed so much I nearly had an accident. He looked so pleased with himself and I was absolutely made up. He admitted to having asked his staff to find them for him but they were his idea and he went and bought them. Bless him.

I immediately tossed the Louboutin’s (sorry) into the box and put on my new wellies. I have to say the looks I got from other diners as I paraded around the restaurant were a bit strange but I really didn’t care. I wore them all evening and all the way home and I felt like a little child again or as my mum would say ‘a pig in muck’ probably an appropriate line. As we walked to the Thames Clipper at the end of the night my hubby said ‘ all you need now is a large puddle isn’t it?’ He knows me so well and I love him to bits. Sometimes we forget how lucky we are !

Thought for the day: Bring on the rain so I can jump in the puddles in my new pink Hunter wellies !