Rising Stars, Shake Shack and AVATAR

izzi bag founder Anne Agoren at the FGI Rising Star's Awards

izzi bag founder Anne Agoren at the FGI Rising Star's Awards

I have listed the talented people who won the Rising Star’s awards on Friday at Cipriani’s in New York, it was a fabulous day and I am now awaiting the lovely photographs of the budding star’s. I will update you as soon as I have them, so in the meantime you will just have to make do with yet another picture of me! LOL.

The category of  Accessories  winner was Amanda Pearl Brotman from Amanda Pearl.

The category of Beauty / Fragrance from a Corporate Company was won by Juliette Karagueuzoglou from IFF.

The Home /Interior Design category was won by  Dror Benshetrit from Dror.

The Fine Jewelry Category was won my Monica Rich Kosann from Monica Rich Kosann.

The Men’s Apparel winner was Anthony Keegan & Richard Christiansen – Commonwealth Utilities.

The Retail Category winner was Edward Chai & Paul Birardi from ODIN of New York.The Women’s RTW winner was a tie between Joseph Altuzarra from Altuzarra and Peter Hidalgo from Peter Hidalgo.

This week has been taken up with moving and a rainy New York.  I made my husband’s weekend by taking him to his favorate place Shake Shack for the best burger in New York. They are so popular that you can go to their website and check the size of the line waiting to get served. Can you believe that, they have a webcam showing the line! would that happen in the UK? Er I think not, no Brit stands in line for over an hour to get a burger! well this one did and it was worth it, not only as I had to make an exception and eat the Bun, but the burgers are just the best ever. Oh and I forgot to mention that the venue is outdoors, so we stood in line and then sat outside in the park to eat the burger, yep you heard me I sat outside to eat my burger in the freezing cold. It was fun and we laughed to think what our British friend’s will say when we tell them. The highlight of my weekend was AVATAR, we went to the IMAX on Times Square (Eat your heart out!) it was the most amazing film I have ever seen and I cannot believe that my Hubby had to drag me to see it. If you have not yet been GO! you will not, I repeat will NOT regret it. It was full of emotion, it was full of the most amazing animation and the only question I have is:

How did they get the camera crew to that planet?

Yesterday carried a weather warning, the wind was so bad they had to close streets off where construction work was going on due to flying debris. I spent a lovely hour with Dihan, who is the Fashion Editor at 5point Media, lovely lady.We met at the Bryant Park library, where else? We spent ages talking about features for izzi bag together with where I can get the best deals on food! so armed with that information I will be treking uptown to 145th street to PathMark later today. I had no internet yesterday and I got so frustrated that I could not connect with the outside world. How amazing is it that we rely so much on cyber space internet? anyway the world did not end and I am still here, although yesterday I really thought the world was ending when I could not get my computer to cooperate.

I have finally started to receive tickets for the shows for NEW YORK Fashion Week and am excited that it is only a couple of weeks away. The hussle and bustle of Fashion Week is amazing here in NYC and the thing I love most is that is a frenzy around everything in the City.

But before I start to get too excited I have another event to go to which is going to be even more fun, I will be back in London at the weekend for the Fashion Group International event, which is being held at Stewart Parvin’s, I can’t wait. The down side is that I will leave OH behind as he is still in training. Will he manage to remember to collect his shirts from the cleaners and to eat properly? the tirals and tribulations of being a wife and a designer are not always as glamorous as you might think believe me! I am laughing out loud right now, sitting here in the apartment thinking if only you guys could see me!

I love my life and I never forget everyday just how lucky I am to be here.