Olives are now banned!

I needed to talk about how my health regime is going and I was all poised to write an update last week but then a disaster happened! I made this great salad for lunch full of all the great summer vegetables, ( including olives hold that thought) Doc Ash you would be so proud of me. I happily sat down at lunchtime to munch away when crack I heard this awful noise like I had almost shattered a glass vase onto a marble floor,knowing what I know now I wish in fact I had. Interestingly nothing else happened until 8pm. I sat down for dinner with my husband when I felt this awful solid lump in my mouth (sorry for the graphics, please do not make a vision of this bit) which turned out to be my filling. Yikes, how I got through the next 12 hours I have no idea, except that I became the mad woman of twitter, I tweeted away with anyone and everyone still awake to find a dentist in Manhattan. Everyone knows right ? that I am a foreigner in New York, without a doctor or a dentist so what I was going to do was find one. Who needs google when we have twitter?

Funnily enough it worked and now someone that had been following me, @tishacakes became my saviour, she sent me a tweet advising there is a dentist of all dentists called @Sinkinfeeling well I tweeted and I tweeted this guy and guess what the next morning his office called me and told me to come right over! by the time I got there I was  a nervous wreck and 8lbs lighter as no food had passed my lips what ever else was going to happen that day this was probably the best bit. So after taking x rays he informed me that unfortunately the tooth had snapped clean in half and was loose, it had to come out! NOOOOOoooooooo I was now having to be strapped to the chair (clearly not really) I was palpitating and thinking what excuse I could make up not to have to come back the following week, the world might end, I need to stock the dishwasher, the dog cannot stay home alone, I mean he doesn’t know that we actually do not have a dog right?

So the weekend came and went and the dentist Michael Sinkin called me three times to check I was OK, do you believe that? in the UK my father had major brain surgery and the doctor told us he was going on holiday the next day and surely my dad wasn’t going to be alive when he got back but that is life! sorry to use that comparison my dad actually eight years later is in fact still alive, but you get the gist here. Doctor Sinkin if you ever read this know that I will send anyone to you who has a tooth ache, you not only treated me but you actually cared about me as a human being not someone who wrote a cheque.

Needless to say I did go back on Monday for the tooth extraction and a crown, this was not the best experience of my life as I have the worst fear of dentists as I mentioned earlier.However I was watching the world cup on the TV and Doc talked me through the whole procedure as he carried it out, too much information for me but no pain at all. At 3.30pm I left the surgery numb and dribbling, not a pretty sight but the best is yet to come. I was invited to a premier of RED LIGHT, yes you got it a red carpet event, of all the days by my good friend Rachael Ann of Red Rover Style. I got home, showered changed into my lovely LBD and even brought the naughty shoes out of their box Michael Kors you are forgiven and off I went. Flash lights everywhere and I had this awful vision that I was dribbling and talking like a nutcase with a droopy mouth. As I got to the Red Carpet photographs, I told this very rude person who told me she just had to go before me as she was melting and it would not do for her to not look her best! excuse me ‘Do you know who I am’? I had a real flash back of the ‘Shorty Awards‘ I am really not a diva, no really I am not but did this twiglet not know that I just had major tooth surgery and that I too was melting. Clearly not as she pushed me out of the way again. I am not one to name names, but just know that I do not like rude blond models! if I had been feeling myself I may have overlooked this but not on this day Humpf!

Anne with Red Rover Style

Anne with Red Rover Style

Photograph courtesy of Arthur from arthur@nyarthur.com

A little information on what the film is about in the words of Wikipedia as I could never have written this down, it was the hardest movie I have ever watched and I know that if you take nothing from my blog then please try  to find a way to give your time to help this cause, if you do then I will have achieved something.

The Redlight Children Campaign was inspired by Guy Jacobson’s personal experiences backpacking in Cambodia in 2002. While traveling in Phnom Penh, a group of young girls, some only five years old, began to aggressively solicit him for prostitution. Although he refused several times, they revealed to him that they would be beaten by the brothel owners if they returned empty-handed. After Jacobson gave them some money and left, he was motivated to create Redlight Children.

Shortly thereafter, Jacobson decided to utilize mass media as a vehicle for social change through his film production company, Priority Films. He teamed up with Israeli actress Adi Ezroni to create the first phase of the Redlight Children Campaign, the K11 Project. They went undercover in Cambodian brothels using espionage equipment and secret cameras to research the plight of child trafficking victims.

At one point, the International Criminal Police Organization contacted Jacobson to warn him to flee the country because the Chinese, Vietnamese, and Cambodian mafia had hits taken out on his life. Jacobson, Ezroni, and their team of filmmakers were also blackmailed and extorted for money, one of the producers was held hostage for two weeks when the rest of the team had left, and they had to hire bodyguards to protect themselves and their research.

Jacobson’s and Ezroni’s work on the ground level provided the education and foundation for them to address the issue on a larger scale. After they established RedLight Children, they created a comprehensive legal manifesto of action items to decrease the demand of child sexual exploitation with the aid of a team of international lawyers.

Jacobson and Ezroni have also been honored as Global Heroes by Condoleezza Rice in the Trafficking in Persons Report 2008.

Guy Jacobson

Guy Jacobson

Please go and see the movie, it is imperative that the world knows what is going on, only with people like us talking about it will this stop.

So I want to end this blog post on a lighter note and I want to say that I am now on the road to recovery from my tooth surgery and that is all thanks to Doc Sinkin. I am back on the straight and narrow with my journey to health thanks to Richard Ash MD and I am sure that I have lost some weight not sure how much as I have not been on the scales that is being saved for next week.

It is really amazing that I have met two really awesome people in New York and found them via Twitter, God Bless Twitter. What is really scary is that they are both Doctors. Dr Sinkin and Dr Richard Ash MD you are really very caring special people and I want you to know this would not have happened in the UK I would just have been another number in their Bank paying in book.