Life just gets better.

Some days are just not worth the make up and some days are certainly worth it. Fashion week has come and gone and I feel like life is certainly passing me by. I had a great day at the Vogue Lounge and here I am posing as usual for the Paps. LOL, everyone wanted to take pictures of my necklace. I was really lucky that I managed to get my hair blown out everyday by Tresomme who had a stand at Fashion Week which was awesome.

anne_teenvogueI went to the accessories market week at the Javits center and bought a new hat, I so love hats and I have a huge collection at home now, which is doing izzi’s head in as he trips over them…ooops anyway let me know what you think of my new addition.

anne_hatIzzi and I had to go to a wedding of his university friend Wai Poon in Hong Kong  and we had  such a memorable time. Hong Kong is such a vibrant city, we slept a total of 10 hours. The wedding was held Repulse Bay just outside Hong Kong and it’s such a beautiful place, the only downside on the day was that it rained. We all made the most of it and they looked so happy on the day and Michelle was a stunning bride.

Michelle with her dad

Michelle with her dad

here she is in the traditional dress which is in red, the lucky color of the Chinese

michelle_waiIzzet and I spent a lot of time browsing the markets and I just love seeing all the fruits and vegetables which we have no idea, what they were. I would love to have had access to a kitchen so I could have experimented with them. But look at such vibrant colors and what are these?


Izzi and I had a wonderful time, but and there was a but, I left my dress for the evening dinner hanging on my wardrobe door and that turned out to be the biggest disaster ever. You maybe wondering why, well I am by no means a big person and if you are in the USA I wear a size 8 and if you are in the UK I wear a size 10. Now the thing is that every shop I dragged my OH around to get a replacement dress turned into disaster after disaster and that was because everyone in Hong Kong seems to be tiny ! seriously when I looked around that wasn’t true, but could I find a dress to fit me? No I could not. When I asked in fancy shops like Prada and Gucci and Versace they told me I was too big! were they kidding me? No they sure weren’t. Just as I decided to give up and go home, I walked into French Connection (Not a shop I normally frequent Sorry and all that Jazz but I don’t)They came to the rescue and I picked up a body con dress that squeezed me so tight that I couldn’t breath but it fitted and got me out of a huge hole.

izzet_wai_mum_dad_anneSay nothing about the hair because that was another story, having spent 3 hours with rollers in my hair, as soon as I stepped out of the hotel the humidity hit and it went like poodle fur…I was not amused at all. At the end of the day it was not my wedding day and so I just got on with it and saw the funny side.

Since I was last here I had a birthday and there are no words to describe how happy I was with my pressie from the OH…. what is a girl to say when this is what I got…

louboutinI am now looking forward to the ACE Awards in New York which will be held at Cipriani next week, where I will be wearing the shoes and get this…. the man himself, yes Mr Christian Louboutin, will be there and I am going to ask him to sign the shoes. I cannot wait, so on that note I am going to go and polish my shoes.