When you meet someone you know is really special.

If you have followed my blog over the years, you will know that I very rarely advertise someone else’s work. This blog post is totally different, I have to tell you this story, I was invited to attend a networking / Christmas Fare in early December, unfortunately the day i was supposed to go I couldn’t because I had just flown in from Los Angeles and I was drained beyond belief. Normally I would just have said sorry to the organizer and moved on, but on this occasion I could not do that, firstly because the organizer was a good friend Kimmie Smith and she had gone to great pains to put this event together.


So having said all the above I made izzi come into the city with me and left him browsing around his favorite store B&H on 9th and I went off to the ink48 Hotel on 11th Avenue to see what products Kimmie had put together. I was instantly drawn to the corner of the room where this stunning Indian Lady was standing amongst an array of Silk and Cashmere scarves. Everything else seem to just fold away, I had to talk with her, I wanted to touch the fine silks and soft cashmere. Please do not ask me why I had this urgent need to talk to her I have no idea. Anyway her name is Bhavna Juneja and she is one of two sisters, brought up in New Delhi, India by a single mother. She came to the USA and got married and had two children, she now is also a single mother. I know so much about her already, I feel like I have known this woman half my life, oh and before I forget her company is called Jammu Style


The Story of Two Sisters

I spent a lot of time asking her about her scarves, asking where she got her inspiration from, where the silks were made, how she printed the soft cashmere. I wanted to know everything about them, Bhavna told me that she has been inspired by the Indian Maharajas and it shows through in the prints on the scarves. The silks are hand rolled to perfection and the cashmere is not only hand woven but dyed in the spring waters of Kashmir. She has even encrusted her new collection with Swarovski crystals. Her collection of silk twill scarves have been printed with ceremonial swords, timeless timepieces, royal jewels and royal classics. There are truly amazing and the colors are so vivid.

See the Vivid colors and designs

I left the hotel feeling really inspired by Bhavna and her story and felt that our paths would cross again, little did I know that she had felt the same and the next day she contacted me and we agreed to have lunch. When I met her again we talked for more than two hours and realized we had a lot of synergy in our lives. I have to tell you that Bhavna is an amazing woman and I for one think that you my readers must check out her website as soon as you can. I ask you to pass the word to your friends about her, she needs all our help to make this business a success and I for one will talk about her often. I count her now as a friend and wish her every success for her future, the next time I see you, I hope you will be wearing one of scarves from the Jammu Style collection.

This is my Favorite Scarf