From Hair Shampoo to Makeup to Umbrella to Fashion Week….

In the name of pure madness here we go again it’s that time of the year, Yes it’s fashion week 2011……

I was very kindly sent a range of hair products from Joshua Ladner actually they are Paul Mitchell but Joshua sent them to me… I have to say that I love all things hair and there fore they were gladly received and used immediately. Even Mr izzi said he liked the easy to squeeze bottle and the smell. I pampered myself no end on these and I encourage you to check out his web site as he writes about all things fashion…..

Paul Mitchell


Next up is a brand new line of make up that you my friends are going to adore it’s call JingAi Skin.

Donna Cristino is the founder of Jing Ai, which means Pure Love.  Jing Ai is an eco – chic beauty brand inspired by timeless memories of the pure love received from her grandmother Rose who died of  breast cancer.  The ranges of pure, organic cosmetics are named after different types of roses from around the world.  Every Jing Ai product is formulated with the finest-possible certified- organic ingredients including botanical and flower oils, natural mineral pigments, coconut oil and is 100% Gluten free. Every product is packed with high  concentrations of proprietary signature compounds made from certified- organic Champagne Grapes from the Napa Valley and Wild Roses from Brazil; the one for its superb antioxidant/anti-inflammatory/anti-aging properties and the other – the “Elixir of Youth” – for its rich multivitamins, Omega  3s and Omega 6s that heal and regenerate. Seriously you have to try this wonderful makeup, my favorite is the concealer and the lip gloss, costs start at $19. Donna will be at Henri Bendel’s on Fifth Avenue from February 27th through to March 4th for her first trunk show, so if you are living in New York please go and see her.

JingAi Skin


A highlight of my week was receiving this wonderful StarkWeather Umbrella. So here is what they say about it….

The vision behind the Starkweather Umbrella is to give the user a sense of comfort. The hand is a naturally ergonomic shape, and the experience of holding a hand provides a sense of companionship. What would you rather hold on a dark and stormy night?

Starkweather umbrella launched in 2010 with it’s first model, Bridget named after the model whose hand was cast to create the line. Each handle is cast from the original and sculpted into shape for a comfortable fit. After the handle is moulded and cast, it is sanded by hand to a satin finish. Assembly and finishing are completed manually, this ensures that all mating surfaces are perfectly matched. The subtle differences that these manual processes create add to the individuality of each piece.

The Umbrella body is imported from Italy, the fine woven canopy complements the solid handle and polished metal hardware. The Umbrella is designed and manufactured in Brooklyn New York and I have to say on first impression I was a little unsure of what I thought about holding a hand, but I want to tell you that I have not been able to put it down and what is more important is that my husband and niece who is staying with me for a week also has had to keep picking it up. The cost is $349 and can be purchased on their website . So all I need now is the rain so that I can try it out……

Starkweather Umbrella

Finally for this blog post, last night I went to the Style Coalition Fashion 2.0 awards which was a really fun evening, hosted by Yuli Ziv and Robert Verdi, of course as always the joker in the pack, Robert told so many of his funny stories that had the audience giggling and ducking for cover when he threw several pairs of his new sunglasses into the auditorium.

It was really nice to see Norma Kamali at the event and to hear her thoughts on where things are going within our industry. It was great to see DKNY and Prada at the forefront of Social Media getting awards. I attended the event with my niece Katie and my good friend Bhavna Juneja of Jammu the wonderful Cashmere and Silk Scarf company.

Bhavna Juneja, izzi bag Anne Agoren and Katie Dixon

So now let the fun begin as the 2012 New York Fashion Week gets under way and I so look forward to seeing what the designers will bring to the table.