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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall….

So we all know that social media is a powerful medium these days for finding anything from a plumber to a hair dresser! the one thing I never really use it for is to find clothes, why you might ask? well that is because I think you have to always try them on. What you see a size zero girlie wearing in a magazine or on line, thanks to air brushing does not always reflect what it will look like when you see it on your not size zero body!

Anyway I came across this brand of jeans called Marc Allison in California, the owner of the brand is Marc Flashberg, who developed a driving passion for premium denim , he says ‘that it is perceived that fit and comfort are achieved primarily through the pattern’ however he believes that the pattern alone cannot offer fit and comfort. ‘It cannot be just a beautiful looking fabric, the fabric needs to be able to move with the body, retain it’s shape and look fashionable’. Personally I could not agree more, I go to buy jeans and pick up around 10 different brands and take them to changing room only to be disappointed. They are either too tight in the thigh, baggy around the rear end, or even worse the waist line is way too low showing every little bit of cellulite a woman of my age has!

I am looking for a pair of jeans that actually start at my waist, not hug my thighs to the point of loosing blood circulation and are not ten feet wide at the hem…. so where was I going to find this perfect pair of jeans? Well Marc Allison came to the rescue and sent me a pair last week to test drive and here is what I thought of them….

When the package arrived I was a little nervous knowing that I am a fussy ‘jean wearer’ and I opened the package with a little apprehension, the soft feel of the fabric was the first thing that I noticed and so I began to relax a little. The jean material was really quite smooth and the color was a fabulous dark blue. When I spread them out they were not drain piped, so I was hopeful that they were not going to have to be painted on to my thighs.

I could not wait any longer and ripped off my clothes and pulled on the jeans…..Perfect they were really a lovely fit, my waist felt like it was inside the jeans not fighting to find a gap to hide in, my thighs were screaming out ‘hey look at me’ and to be honest I felt like I was a size smaller… The proof would be in the pudding so to speak and I walked to the full length mirror in my bedroom to take a look.. I actually thought the mirror said something like ‘You look hot’ but that would be stupid right ?

Marc Allison Jeans

Well all I can say is, you judge for yourself what do you think I look like and don’t be afraid to let me know. Thank you Marc Allison Jeans I am a fan….