No Sex Please, after all we are British

I woke up on Sunday to a bright and what I thought was going to be a sunny day, but my was it chilly outside, so we went from 72degrees back to bone chilling almost freezing. Izzet and I decided we would go for brunch to a place we had never been before and I won’t bore you with it, as we will not be going again, Yuck food Yuck, Yuck, Yuck. Anyway the reason for telling you was that as we walked home I realized that the blossom was on the trees already and it made me think of my childhood in England, for once I admit I actually felt home sick.

I felt so homesick


So many things have happened since I last wrote a blog post I almost have no idea where to start. My niece Katie came to stay and as luck would have it she came during Mercedez Benz fashion week. This was great as we got to hang out at some amazing shows and parties and we even got snapped by the papps at the EMU show, where they very generously gave us a pair of boots..

Anne at EMU


Rock those izzi Bags!

This was the first time in her life that she came to stay with me and it was really a precious time that I will cherish forever. I think sometimes we forget just what is important in our lives. Then it was the turn of my son to come and stay as he was in New York on business and I had a lovely one to one time with him. I love it sometimes to be selfish and have that special mum and son time. We even got a free Cab ride in the Jeff Lewis Taxi which was promoting his new TV hit show ‘Interior Therapy, this taxi had been decorated inside like a boudoir, love it.

Steve and I with the Jeff Lewis Taxi

The day turned into a disaster when Steve tripped on the uneven pavements in Tribeca and broke his ankle! so glad he got to fly home Upper Class with Virgin Atlantic, my FAV airline or I am sure he would have been in a pickle! Writing note to Mayor Bloomberg, ‘get your sidewalks fixed’!

Ouch...Get the sidewalks fixed Mr Bloomberg!


So one of the things that happened to me recently was that as you all know I am applying for my Green Card for the US and as part of the process I had to have ‘shots’ as the Americans call them as we Brits say…’Vaccinations’ this in itself was a total drama. I am 51years old and proud of it but here I was standing in line to have an MMR and a Diphtheria, Tetanus and some other Jab that I have never even heard of let alone try to spell something like Depthusis . To me it sounded like some dreadful disease., but hey ho I was brave and took it like a man!  The best bit, if you can call it that was when they did the TB test and scratched my arm with a huge needle. Very unpleasant if I may say so and I nearly punched the nurses lights out when she said ‘All Done’! really? Seriously? You just stuck 6 needles in my arm and tell me ‘All Done’ where is my lollipop?

Highlight of the weekend is that I went to the Gym on Saturday, yes you heard it here first I went to the Gym, the first time in 10 years, I ache like nothing on earth but am acting all brave and went again yesterday which nearly killed me. Who said it gets easier by the day? They must be a Triathlon competitor! Anyway I will brave it and carry on I want to get rid of that flabby bit that I can tuck into my Socks!

I ran over to the store yesterday (Oh get me all American, of course I mean the local corner shop) and as I had not yet had any coffee I can be excused for thinking I was Hallucinating when I saw this fine gentleman dressed up like Barbie!

Take me to the Moon


When I stopped snorting with laughter, I actually braved it and asked him if I could take his picture, he very politely posed for me! and then I went one step further, obviously my mistake when I asked him where he was going…. hang on to your beds, this is what he said…’I am taking the next ship to Mars’.. I obviously needed more than a coffee! Only in New York.

As I am a lady that lunches (A little too often I think my husband might say) I thought I would for once be a good wife and go take my husband out for lunch. I got myself all dressed up, hair, makeup and my new best dress, hold those thoughts there is a reason for telling you. We met at Union Square, the sun was shining so we decided to grab a bite and take it to the park on the square. We found a bench in the sunshine and sat down, life was feeling good, as we sat there just putting the world to rights munching away I looked up to see this girl ( I can’t refer to her as a lady!) I thought I was mistaken, had sunstroke, or really needed a new pair of glasses, for she was wearing a pair of jeans, had a tote thrown across one shoulder and that my friends,was it! have you fallen in yet? No? well let me paint the picture, she was Topless, yes she was Topless!! Now in the UK she would have been surrounded by Coppers, dragged kicking and screaming into the Meat Wagon, carted off to the Nick.  Fear Not Americans I will explain, This translates to… She would have been surrounded by Police, dragged kicking and screaming into a Police Vehicle and taken to the local NYPD HQ.

I forgot I had met the Queen!

However you look at this situation, believe me when I tell you that she sauntered around the park and noone, yes noone, battered an eyelid! I, being British voiced my opinion a little too loudly to my husband, when to my surprise there was an old lady in her very late 70′s (being kind here) turned to me and said ‘ What is your problem, honey, men do it so why shouldn’t she’? Flawed was an understatement, if my grannie had been there she would have taken an umbrella to that girl, called her something very unladylike and averted her eyes. The police would have arrested her and probably sent her to the Nut house for assessment. How things have changed and how living in America never ceases to amaze me! Oh and by the way you didn’t expect a picture of a Topless girlie did you? No, sex please we are British!