How even a lipstick can change your whole look!

Recently I was introduced to a fellow Brit in New York, the fabulous Linda Mason, makeup and visual artist famous since the 1970s for her creative and exciting use of color. Linda is the author of many books and you can find them at I had no idea what to expect when I was going along to meet her, I had changed my outfit more times than I cared to remember and had scrubbed the fist layer of skin from my face as I tried to get my make up to look acceptable. After meeting Linda I realized that she looked much deeper into a person than what I was wearing or that I had spent 4 hours with a cement mixer going in my bathroom to mix up the foundation color!

Linda Mason

Linda told me that when she sits down with a model and she has done that with the many famous faces of  Cameron Diaz, Brooke Shields, Uma Thurman and Charlize Theron to name but a few she is drawn to their eyes. A new lipstick color can make you feel good but it is really the eye makeup that allows your to transform yourself in amazing ways.  Linda told me that even with great lips (Angelina Jolie eat your heart out here!) and wether you realize it or not everything you do is directed to your eyes. I have to say I don’t have perfect lips, but I have OK skin for a woman of my age, but I know I do have great eyes. On many occasions throughout my life people will comment that I have green eyes or grey, or blue,they are all right because my eyes change almost everyday depending on my moods! I was looking forward to learning more about what Linda had in store for me as she was creating my journey of self-expression through eye makeup.

The Art of Beauty by Linda Mason

Linda told me all about how different zodiac signs lean towards different color charts and she has designed color palettes for each sign….Linda had early in her career noticed striking physical similarities in women of the same birth sign. Even when physical similarities were not immediately obvious, personality,taste, and styles of self expression combined to produce strong likenesses. Each palette comes with an instruction manual to follow steps ABC and how to have a soft but natural two minute makeover…Now we are talking, I have to tell you my niece came to stay recently and she took 2 hours to get ready, I have no idea what she did in the mornings but I will be sending her Linda’s number for sure.

It's as simple as ABC

Did you know that when applying lipstick with your fingertips you can achieve a transparent tinted look, but you will get more coverage with a brush? When it comes to Blush tap 3 fingers on the blush and then tap them on your cheekbone and blend. The rule is that the lighter your skin tone the more delicately you should apply the color remember it is easier to add than to take off.

So what makes Linda Mason elements different from other cosmetic lines? well it is packaged knowledge, she says she has put her years of experience into creating glamorous looks into easy to use kits. Kits which allow a woman to be her own makeup artist and look fabulous in many different ways.

If you prefer a certain color or if you want to experiment with different shades, Linda can prepare a small compact that comes complete with eye,lips and cheek colors so suit you. I think this is a fabulous way to go, I don’t know about you but I hate it when I go to a make up counter to buy a new eye shadow palette to find there is always one or two colors inside that I will never wear, so what a waste. Now I look forward to experimenting with the colors Linda and I picked out.

Colors of your choice

So Linda sat me down as a blank canvas, am sure you cannot believe the hyperventilating that went on as I had to get to her studio without any makeup on! Linda told me that she would try different looks on me and she did. I did not get to see the outcome until she finished and was taking pictures to show me, but how different I looked to the times that I had put on my own makeup!

My Favorite Picture

I think this picture is professional and not too heavy on the makeup, it makes me look healthy but not overly made up.

What a difference a Lipstick makes

When Linda said let’s try a red lipstick I nearly fainted, I would never in a million years have gone for this color, but what a difference it made.

Star for a day

Linda certainly caught my best side! seriously I was more than surprised at just how easy Linda made it to change my whole face by applying different colors to my eyes, lips and cheeks. I no longer need to get up an hour early to turn on the cement mixer, I can now feel confident in my own skin with a little help from ‘The Art of Beauty’ and Linda Mason.

Linda gives makeup lessons as a class or privately and so you can go to her  Gallery at 26 Grand Street Gr Fl. New York, NY 10013 Tel:212 625-0490.