There is only One FLO RIDA and I certainly ‘Got a Feeling’

Since moving to America I have been really fortunate to be able to not only meet but interview some amazing people and FLO RIDA has to be put up there amongst the best.  I am 5’4″ tall, so not the tallest of girls, but FLO has to be something like 6’10″ he is a giant. I have to back that up with a gentle giant! As I was introduced to him, he lent forward and hugged me, which I thought was really nice of him, a real gentleman. These days most A Lister stars are so aloof or so full of self importance that they forget their manners..those of course will remain nameless, but not FLO.  So watch my interview with him and see how I turned to yet another hot mess! but keep in mind I was the one that got him to rip his shirt off on stage! His hit single “Right Round” was at the top of the Hot 100 for six weeks.

So after the performance the night went on and I was sitting gloating to all that would listen ‘I got FLO RIDA to take off his shirt’ my husband thought I had totally lost the plot! As we were packing up to go home, FLO who was sharing a dressing room with us said something along the lines of ‘so what are we all doing now then’? Errrrrr excuse me? WE WE WE….. OMG he was asking us what were we all going to do now? I for one had been so looking forward to ripping off my Louboutins, which by the way were firmly glued to my feet and I was going to need a pair of forceps to remove them. But suddenly I got a second wind and out of nowhere I voiced ‘ Let’s all go party’ Izzet at this point I think fainted, as I had been complaining I just want to take off my false eyelashes and go to bed less than 5 minutes before.

We all came to the conclusion that FLO’s massive penthouse suite at the Mandarin Oriental was the place to go! of course it was, where else does one go to Party with FLO RIDA…. We all climbed into a fleet of Black Lincoln Navigators having pushed our way through flashing light bulbs of the Paps! Oh the life of a super star.

So once we got back to Mandarin, two of my friends Karen and her boyfriend Nick were laughing their heads off and I found out that I was the victim of their giggling! My wonderful Mermaid styled dress had a split in the rear end! Spanx had obviously not helped although to this day I am sticking to the story that I must have bought it with the split and not noticed it.

Izzet Agoren, Anne Agoren, Katie Williams and FLO RIDA

We partied all night until around 3.30am dancing, drinking, singing and chatting,  Flo even gave me a pair of his sunglasses to keep, well that’s my story and I am sticking to it.

So as the streets were being hosed down outside to the start of another day, I was off to bed, happy and still singing ‘I got a feeling’. I think the driver that took us home that we were as nutty as a fruit cake, if only he knew.

Thank you so much to FLO and his team for making us feel so at home and for taking the time to be our friend. Fabulous evening was had by all and fortunately no one saw that I had my butt hanging out of the dress!