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It’s All about Shoes

Forgive my screaming in delight as my door man told me that there was a package for me at the front desk from a company called Camileon Shoes… the lift could not get herre quick enough and if I had not lived on the 42nd floor I may even have ran down the stairs…Hold that thought…

So when I ripped open the packaging the first thing I noticed was the smell of leather and I embraced that, you know that I have always said when I pick up a handbag the first thing I do is smell it and if it smells of synthetic glue or alcohol  i discard it and move on. Well the same is said of shoes, I hate the bad smell that comes with cheap shoes! sorry but I do, so my first impression and I have not even got the box fully opened yet is one of glee.

These little MIMI sandals popped out at me and I held them in my hands and admired the soft Italian leather and rich red color of the shoes. There are delicate string bows with tassels on the front of the sandal and they have a soft inner sole.

So you might ask what makes these shoes different from any other pair of leather sandals you may well ask and I have so far omitted to share that with you.  They have double heel height yes you heard me, you can change the height of the heel. One height is 3 and1/4 high and the other is 1 and 1.2 inches high. How do they do that you may well ask. There is a metal flick switch type adapter in the heel and you just lock it into place or pull down unlock and slide it under the heel. I know all that sounds a bit weird right? but it actually works and you have really two pairs of shoes!

They maybe not the cheapest pair or pairs of shoes you will buy at $325 a pop but they are uber comfortable and right now they are having a sale so you can pick them up for $99 on their website. Sorry but now I have to sign off as I need to get to the website before they sell out.

Camileon Heels just smell the leather

Thank you to Camileon Heels for sending me this pair of shoes as a gift to review, I will as I mentioned be buying more and I look forward to my delivery.