Naturals Vox Box

I was recently sent a bunch of products from a company called influenster and there I must tell you  (I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster)… So here are my thoughts on the products….

First Up is CleanWell they produce a variety of Wipes they are great obviously to keep in your purse for so many things… wiping your hands when you have been on the subway (yuck who likes the subway) or when you are about to snack or if you just enjoyed that wonderful chocolate bar outside in this wonderful heat and now you have runny Cadbury’s allover your fingers. We all know that no lady actually would dream of licking her fingers in public! Anyway I digress but my thoughts are that the wipe was super uber soft and my hands felt like I had been soaking them in the most expensive hand cream for 30 days! I loved them although the smell was not the best I have ever encountered, I would buy them myself and keep them in my car, purse, bathroom for every single use you can think of. They are also not the cheapest product on the market at $29.99 or 50 pouches.

Hand Sanitizer from Clean Well

The next item is the Revolutionary Dish Drying Mat created by Schroder & Tremayne Inc. now this has been a life saver. We have marble counter tops in our kitchen and if you spill too much water on them they stain. This mat has really soaked up the water after washing the dishes and I found absolutely no  residue water on the counter. They say it holds 4 ties it’s weight in water and what is even better is it is washable, I have as yet not washed it so will update you when I have. I will say though I expected it to smell after all the water has kind of dried out, but it doesn’t. Would I pay $4.99 from my own pocket to buy a new one? Yes I would.

Dish Drying Mat my life saver in the kitchen

Next up is the Lypsyl which I have to say fits nicely into your purse never mind how small. As the Autumn is here we all need to keep our lips hydrated and this product is only $2.87 so where can you go wrong. It has a nice minty taste to it and contains Vitamins A & E, coconut oil and organic Shea butter. It has a slide along little bee for opening more of the balm and is made from pure Swedish Beeswax. It made my lips tingle… Nice product and I would buy this.

Made my lips tingle and tastes of Mint

So now to an energy drink called EBOOST it comes in very small sachets so easy to keep in your gym bag or purse for when you need that extra Umpf. I found it tasted of Orange just like it said and was full of minerals and vitamins. Was very easy to dissolve in water and went down a treat, leaving me ready for the Gym (Which you all I know I hate with a passion). It comes in many flavors so you can change it up, Orange, Pink Lemonade, Acai Pomegranate and Super Berry. $28 for a box of 20.

EBOOST full of minerals and vitamins

I guess the question is would I buy it…. I think I need to try another flavor to be convinced, maybe the Pink Lemonade….

As I am on a diet I do not eat sugar so this next product nectresse was really something I was interested in and then I read it comes from Monk fruit? what is Monk fruit I needed to research that! It comes with ZERO Calories and tasted very much like sugar. I used the sachet in my Oat Bran porridge in the morning, because although I know it’s good for me I hate the bland taste. The nectresse lightened that experience up no end! It costs $3.99 for 40 servings so it is not expensive. I would buy this product for sure.

Sweetness and Lite!

The Last product up for review is the MAXI-HAIR which is a nourishment for hair and nails and skin $17.99 for 60 tablets is not expensive, I am still using this product but my hair and nails do seem to be stronger. This product focuses on B-Vitamins, biotin and MSM so has to be good for you allround.

MAXI-HAIR Supplement