There are Jeans and then there are Marc Allison Jeans

For those who know me, I very rarely wear jeans but since I found Marc Allison Jeans I have become obsessed. The jeans I did own before and nameless  left my home many moons ago.  So this week I am testing their new collection. So before I tried on these black jeans I washed them to see if they ran….Nope they did not and they are still jet black which is a huge plus in my book. There is nothing worse than buying a pair of black jeans and finding that they 1) Run and are left grey in color or 2) they dye everything in the machine…. but this did not happen and I am happy about that.

So how do they feel? they are soft and stretchy, which made me look a good size smaller. I am not the shortest or tallest person and they came a little long. Which I find a blessing, because that means that you can always have them altered to your length. For me I never wear the same shoes so it means if I wear 6″ heels they fit and if I wear flats they also fit! I teamed them up with my new leather jacket and of course my Dorothy blue sparkly shoes!

Marc Allison Jeans


So the next pair I am wearing is a pair of blue Jeans that are thigh hugging with a flared bottom…When I was a bit younger we called these Loons! I actually was a bit skeptical that I would like them… When I tried them on I was pleasantly surprised as to how good they looked on me. I teamed them up with a Louis Ferrard Jacket and they looked fabulous. The jeans again were very soft and stretchy and did not hug my hips leaving me looking like a muffin! They actually fitted waist high and made me feel thinner than I actually am. I would buy these and feel very comfortable if I was going to a meeting or going to the cinema with friends… You need to go road test them for yourselves, I know you too will be a convert! They retail at $180 and can be found on the website

Love these flared jeans