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“Inspire the Feeling to Believe”

Recently I saw on twitter these awesome T-shirts, the thing that most caught my eye was the design on one of a street… It reminded me of a street where I used to live in Cyprus and it brought back many memories of hot days and balmy nights, just right for wearing T-shirts. The T-shirt company is Cllovo and Steven O’Loughlin very kindly sent me one to review. Here is what Steven has to say about his brand…..

From the beginning Steven has had a very clear, unswerving focus on quality with a keen eye to detail that is linked to a creative mind. He relies on the support and the inspiration of his family and friends from every corner of the globe.  Steven will provide preliminary artwork and photographs reflective of his own quirky sense of humor that will potentially appear on the clothing as a demonstration of the respect and high regard he has for the customer’s lifestyle tastes.  Only then can the end product be a reflection of the ideas that inspire them.

Steven feels that in order for the Cllovo collections to be a success, whether it is the clothing they wear, the artwork they put on their walls or the shoes they put on their feet… it should make them feel inspired, positive and special. Steven wants to bring that feeling full circle by donating a percentage of all proceeds to organizations that make a difference in the lives of others, including cancer research.  It is important for the Cllovo motto, “Inspire the Feeling to Believe” to resonate in all aspects and affiliations of the company.  

The thought of what it would be like, and the dream, to create stylized clothing began at a young age while watching his Mother work lots of hours designing and stitching clothing, and bringing home samples for the family to wear.  Over the past several years Steven has had the honor of meeting some incredibly creative and hard working people who have inspired him with the motivation and knowledge that dreams can become a reality. Big Dreams… Dream Big and Work Hard with Inspiration from everyone.

When my T-shirt arrived I was so happy it was Pink, everyone knows I love pink and it had the motif of the street on the front…Here I am supporting my T..


“Inspire the Feeling to Believe”

The T fitted me perfectly so on size yep they match up great…it is made from 100 percent Ringspun Soft Cotton Crew Neck and has a  Short Sleeve.  I have now washed the T a few times and it has not lost it’s lovely pink color and it has not shrunk…Result..The T costs $22 and can be purchased online at their website http://shop.cllovo.com/ So what are you waiting for get on and buy one…..