She Came So Far

Do you remember this time last year I met this incredible person called Bhava Juneja from a Scarf company called Jammu? well if not go back and read the blog post by clicking on her name. I was amazed at the way this woman touched my life and I wrote my feelings in this post, since this time I have come to know Bhavna very well and I now consider her family. I wanted to share with you her journey and success, she went from being an Indian Woman struggling to get her brand known to exhibiting in Hongkong at the World Boutique fair with her sister and co-owner of the company Tania Bhalla.

Bhavna & Tania


Attending the Varli Food Festival in New York and getting Chefs Shipra Khanna, Vikram Viji, Hari Nayak, Vicky Ratnani and Vikas Khanna to wear her scarves at their stands.

Varli Food FestivalShe was invited to host two trunk shows at the 5th Avenue Henri Bendel Store and has more dates now in the pipeline. What an achievement.

Henri Bendel

She was invited to get her scarves on the runway at the Huntington Harbor Bay Club and boy what an impression she made that night.

Hitting the RunwayBut I think her biggest recognition came when she was invited to design a scarf for the Guiliana Rancic Breast Cancer Charity and she presented her with one on the evening in Stamford CT. I was very proud that Bhavna asked Izzet and I to attend this event with her and it made me cry to see just how far she has come in one year.

Bhavna told me today that she is now in 18 stores across America, the Caribbean and Middle East and has plans to distribute now into even her own country India. I am so proud to know her and to be following her journey and I wish her the best for 2013 and look forward to reporting her journey throughout this year.

Guliana Rancic and Saira Khurana with Bhavna

Izzet and I are here and so proud of Bhavna

Proud as punch