A little ELF told me…..

Now makeup this is a topic I don’t normally get into with even my bestie… I always think that makeup is a topic we never discuss except to say oh I bought a new lippy or an eye liner do you like the color on me? I never think to say I bought a MAC blusher brush or a Bobby Brown foundation, why is that?

Well I am about to change all that so judge me if you want… I have always been a big fan of MAC and Bobby Brown, I have never  strayed to be honest why? well because they work for me, good coverage, long lasting and easy to wear. The biggest USP for both brands is that they are easy to find world over, the downside is that they are not cheap brands, ok, ok I hear you muttering that they are also not Chanel or Dior price either, but seriously not far off.

Just over a week ago I read an article about a brand I had never ever heard of called ELF and that they had opened a store just off Astor Place in New York, I read reviews that people were raving about the low cost. I just had to research more, who is this brand, why had I never heard of them? Well yesterday I found myself in Astor Place funny that right? I had been to meet a friend for lunch at Sant Ambroeus you must have heard of that place it’s where everyone that is anyone hangs (Well if you are Marc Jacobs, CK or Jodie Foster anyways, all of whom I have seen in there) so be sure to check it out to star gaze. I digress somewhat so back to ELF. I was amazed at the little store very chic, well displayed and easy to understand what was what and the prices unashamedly displayed. I say this because whenever I go to Macys or L&T or Bloomingdales I always become embarrassed to ask how much is this, that or the other. It was really refreshing to see it all on display so that you could instantly decide yes I want it, I can afford it and I am going to have it or not as the case maybe.

So there I was reading about every single item I picked up, everything comes in a box and has complete instructions, ingredients & warnings on the back, the pricing was very clearly labelled too. A very nice young assistant gave me a mini shopping bag to collect my goodies in, by the time I had finished she had to give me more than one. What I liked most about the shop was that they did not push you, try to upsell you  they just helped, advised on what color your skin would suit and offered opinions when asked.

All these colors to choose from

I bought so much stuff I cannot tell you, but just in case you don’t believe me here we go a 144 piece bright eye shadow palette a blusher, under eye concealer and highlighter, eyelid primer, mascara,matte lip color, lip liner,radiance enhancer,eyeliner,two packs of lotion wipes, two eye shadow brushes, blusher brush and a Mother’s Day gift of a  Beauty Clutch with 32 eyeshadow colors,6lip colors, 3 dual ended applicators, 2 blushes, 1 bronzer, 1 face shimmer, 1 eyebrow powder, 1 eyebrow cream, lastly a makeup lock and seal PHEW!!

Here comes the best bit I spent only $70 !! I forgot I forgot, hang on there is more, I also bought a little compact mirror that had space for 4 of your favorite eyeshadow colors which are magnetized and you just pop them into place so I got those too.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

So home I went all excited with my bundle of purchases I could hardly wait for today to come so I could try it all out. I have to say I was very skeptical about how this was going to turn out, I mean let’s be real $70 for all the above, it’s going to be rubbish right? Well hold that thought and judgement until I try it.

Off we go, I primed my eyelids with the primer which was applied with a wand stick a bit like a lip gloss applicator, I sat for less than 30 seconds until it set as instructed on the box, I then picked out purple as today’s color and lined my lid with a plum color, followed by lilac on the middle of my lid and then a sort of cream color for the upper lid, again the colors were easy to apply and even though they were powder I did not end up having to grab the wet wipes to clear up any drifting shadow. I then lined my lower lid with the plum liner and added the volumizing mascara, both went on like a dream although I nearly poked myself in the eye with the mascara and had to grab a cotton bud to remove a smudge. Next I applied my foundation which I already owned, not sure why I didn’t buy a new one…An excuse to go back me thinks! and then added the blusher which was ELF, I bought a rosy color which I do not normally wear and for the last ten minutes I have looked in the mirror 30 times at least, not sure if it’s the color I should have chosen or if I just need to apply more. I don’t want to look like Aunt Sally so I shall wait until I am dressed and then decide.

The mineral lip liner I chose was very easy to apply and the color was perfect, the matte lip color went on like butter and covered my lips without a second sweep.

I used the enhancer under my eyes as instructed by the assistant, not sure I did it right but it made my eyes stand out and less black lines under my eyes so I guess it worked.

Will I be using this makeup on a regular basis or will I be going back to my tried and tested brands? I am going to stop right here and finish this post tomorrow when I see the staying power but right now I feel like an adulterer, after all these years of faithful purchases from MAC and Bobby Brown I openly admit I have cheated, yes I am a scarlet woman for which I am not going to apologize.

Let’s see how I feel in the morning, will I have regrets or will I be calling my lawyer to file for divorce?


D-I-V-O-R-C-E …. I rest my case your Honor….