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Shine Bright Like a Diamond

#IDOVOXBOX have you ever signed on to the Influenster Vox Box? well I did a few moons ago and in a couple of days their ‘Blue Box” dropped on my door with some fine products for me to review and here they are:

Firstly out of the box dropped Luster a tooth paste which guarantees to give you whiter teeth after only one brushing. They say that you get an instantly whiter smilewhich lasts for hours and with everyday use it helps remove surface and deep stains whilst keeping your breath fresh. Unfortunately I could not try this as I just had dental surgery and I cannot use any products on my teeth, so I got my hubby to try it and he sure did have whiter teeth and I would say they actually ‘Shine Bright Like a Diamond” so at only $7.99 who is not going to buy this product.




This product was sent to me free of charge to review.

Next up is the Qtip of all Qtips…. Now I always thought QTips were for cleaning your ears after showering but no they now have Qtips with a pointed end so that when you smudge your make up you dont have to fiddle with a wet one you can be totally precise and remove the smudges easily. I am impressed, being almost as blind as a bat these days putting on make up is a challenge which just got made easier with these Precision tips. What is more you can use them for removing over the edge nailvarnish, painting the kids faces with face paint, cleaning out the dogs ears, you name it you can do it. Thank You to Vox Box I was sent two boxes to trial, I will be out to buy them myself tomorrow at only $2.59


I was sent this product to review

Next up is the Dr Scholl Balls of the Feet product, they are designed uniquely for womens shoes and the small design prevents toe scrunching and stops your feet from sliding forward in your shoes. The unique gel keeps the cushion in place and they are easily removable without damaging your shoes or feet. I liked them and I had bought a pair of shoes which were a little uncomfortable but not anymore. I will purchase these again for only $6.99 Bargain.



I was sent this product for review