There are Jeans and then there are Jeans

With Memorial Day coming and the first outing of the “Whites” I decided being a Brit to totally ignore all that stuff about not wearing them before the day. We had such wonderful weather recently and I just had to get out my Marc Allison Jeans and rock them I did…


As I was in Dayton for a fashion shoot, Joshua Ladner from Salon J Ladner gave me a make over and I pulled my white jeans on and rocked it out. I have never had jeans like Marc Allison Jeans, they are always so soft, they fit like a glove and they always make me look sexy. When you get over 20 I always thought jeans were a cover up, but these are just the best and I look two sizes smaller in them! so what could be better?

Marc Allison is a premium denim jeans manufacturer and for 30 years has been an expert on all textiles and fabric, denim and premium women’s attire. Marc Allison educates sales professionals and consumers on premium denim jeans, explaining the innovative technology that makes Marc Allison Jeans the most resilient, luxurious, flattering and desirable in the world.

Knocking out the Bad Girl Syndrome

Knocking out the Bad Girl Syndrome

The four-way stretch, what we call the X-Fit, of Marc Allison Jeans enables the denim to move in all directions and to also recover perfectly, enabling the jeans to be worn several times without laundering. A key to the amazing resilience and uniquely soft, luxurious feel is the introduction of Pima Cotton to the fabric. The result is a light fabric that is nevertheless extremely durable and absorbent.

They say when a woman tries on a pair of Marc Allison Jeans, she is going to buy them. And she will realize why we say, “Feel the fit, experience the difference.” The Marc Allison Jean is the Next Generation in Denim.

Love, Love, Love my jeans and I will never own another brand…..