Darkoh and Trina Turk #NYFW

Fashion week comes around so quickly and I was so overjoyed this year to spend my time with Joshua Ladner and Danielle Fritz. We had a ball and two of the best shows I attended have to be DARKOH men’s line and Trina Turk. The designer rom DARKOH, Joyce is an amazing woman and her designs inspired me so much. Take a look at what is coming for next season.

IMG_6400 IMG_6412 IMG_6416


All girls just love to be on the Red Carpet and here I am click, click click.

IMG_6373 IMG_6421I so love this DVF dress, makes me look much smaller than I am…Of course never complete without my Vince Camutos. I have far too many shoes but I still want to wear these…What’s with that?

On to the next show Trina Turk and wow was it good. I am a really big fan and I loved the fact that she went from a seated runway to a presentation.Just took my time walking round and deciding on what will be in my wardrobe next season…Take a look



Frank Rocco took the most amazing picture of me at the shows and I want to ‘Thank’ him so much….Great photographer!



I had a wonderful #NYFW but I am glad in a way it’s over because I am so tired and still trying to get myself back to working normally. I have to say that I really don’t feel the shows are like they used to be 5 years ago when I came to New York. Now there are so many ‘wanna bees’ who have nothing to do with fashion wandering around the tents and fighting for seats. Where are the true buyers, fashionistas of yesteryear? I guess thats progression but not always for the best, sorry to say.