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Lemon-Mint Houka

It’s Thursday and it’s the something or other day of fashion week, I am seriously so tired I have no idea how I even know it’s Thursday. Of course I am not making light of the date just of my week. Today is a very sad day world over and I appreciate everything all the NYPD and FDNY do for us everyday. So today is the last day I have my boy, Joshua S Ladner with me and I am trying to find his driving licence so that I can shred it and he can’t leave…Is that kind of kidnap? Unfortunately whilst I was sleeping last night Danielle Fritzescaped and went home to Dayton. I forgive her because she just had a little Grand daughter who only weighs 1lb 1oz. Last night the 3 amigos went to Rumba Cubana and ate ourselves silly. Then went to the Wine & Spirits Houka Lounge ‪#‎LemonMint‬ Fabulous all that was missing was one of my besties Debbie Mintz-Piekarsky and Brucey.

I have no idea how I am functioning today, I got up, showered, dressed and out the door in 20minutes this morning. If anyone says I look like I was just dragged out of bed I will delete them from my wall!

Today is a leather day black leather pants that I had to paint on and have no idea how they will come off…but thats a problem for tonight. White leather jacket thank you Calvin Klein and of course my Vince Camutos…. Oh and right now I am doing makeup free it’s a bit scary but hey ho…. So off to another show we must go but by then I will have makeup on so I don’t scare any little kids!!… Tomorrow I am going to lay in bed all day…Don’t call me! ‪#‎NYFW‬ is Over. But then of course it’s the weekend… Bring it on…. Life in Anne’s world is never dull ‪#‎Livingthedream‬ can’t wait to know what my weekend holds…