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Anne Agoren founder and owner of izzi bag

Like most women I have a great passion for handbags, when I was a child I used to lock myself in my mother’s closet and sit touching, feeling her handbags and pretend they were my own. She used to say that I spent far to much time drawing and that I should study more, I guess that had I listened to her I would have got to the point I am today a lot quicker, but as always children never listen to their mothers because of course we know better. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing it, I cover a lot of topics not only about handbags although they are my passion. I love shoes almost as much and so please forgive me writing about them and all the other things that I do too. I love my family and am proud as punch to be married to a great man who adores me. I have 3 sons who are all just lovely men and I am expecting a grandchild this year, but when the baby is born I will of course be just the big sister! My life is one big adventure and I invite you to join me on the ride where ever it may take me.